What Flood Insurance Covers

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This year, hurricane season struck in full force. Homeowner’s in many states are beginning the long process of rebuilding after the effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. For many, this is the first time filing a claim for flood insurance. Often, after a flood homeowners are surprised to find they lack sufficient insurance coverage. Flood insurance is separate from home yet in some Gulf states, only 20% of homes have flood insurance protection. For homeowners protected by flood insurance, there may yet be gaps in coverage. Protection through...

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Always Work With a Net

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Entrepreneurs spin a lot of plates. Gathering licenses, building inventory, and engaging potential vendors are several of many things involved with launching. A large number of responsibilities involved with starting a company leaves it unsurprising many entrepreneurs overlook securing effective commercial insurance policies. A grasp on specific risks helps tailor the right commercial insurance policy. Mike Barton, with Commercial Insurance of Allstate, says the right policy changes for each company. Daycare-center operators and at-home...

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Are You a Parent? 5 Things to Know About Life Insurance Now

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Parents want the best for their children. Creating a future for kids takes effort and for single parents, the responsibilities increase. Should the unthinkable happen, children have needs. Life insurance plans alleviate anxiety for the future but single parents have more to think about when shopping insurance policies. Coverage, pricing, and more all change for single parents. Eliminate uncertainty. Gathering the right answers beforehand helps determine the right life insurance policy. For single parents making the decision about life...

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Recent Storms Demonstrate Why Builders Risk Protection is Important

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Building during hurricane season carries risks for entrepreneurs and construction companies. Storms tear into construction sites ravaging materials and destroying site preparation. Beyond the physical toll, construction companies shoulder extra staffing, transportation, and other costs due to delay. Construction continues year-round, regardless of hurricane season. Each year, builders take a gamble projects will safe from major storms. Builders risk insurance protects residential and commercial construction projects from damages caused by...

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Supervisors Are Responsible for Safety

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Supervisors have a lot to keep track of. Management means more than assigning work. Managers maintain a list of responsibilities affecting workplace safety. Effective supervisors create safe environments through action and training. Staff trained to spot and report safety issues create a safer environment. To promote a safe environment for industry, apply the following methods to the workplace: Staff Training Encourage staff to locate hazards, maintain awareness, and perform work safely. Train staff on any protective equipment necessary, and...

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Making Workers Safe With Guardrails

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Construction sites are active environments. Active transfer of people and materials creates the potential for anything to happen. Site safety is a regulated industry. Safety standards and guidelines in place by OSHA and the International Code Council help maintain site and worker safety These agencies recommend safety measures developed following years of real-world learning. In the early 1990’s, builders discovered gaps in standardized building safety ordinances. By 1997, the ICC published the first international safety guidelines: the...

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In An Auto Accident? Do This

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Car accidents happen to new and old drivers alike. Knowing the steps to take following an accident can ease the insurance process and protect drivers from liability. The correct immediate actions can save insurance and personal worries later. These are the steps to take following an auto accident: 1. Be Safe Before anything, secure the scene. Safety is the top priority. Exiting vehicles, placing flares or cones, or moving off the roadway may be necessary. Exercise judgment. Remain on the shoulder and away from traffic. 2. Assess for Injuries...

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Education Benefits Pay Dividends

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Student debt creates challenges for persons in the workforce. Employees saddled by debt may change positions often, looking for better pay. The firms leading the pack incentivize recruitment packages inclusive of loan assistance and student-debt payback programs. Past and present debt assistance helps firms attract and keep top-level staff. Top companies like Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Starbucks, Walmart, Taco Bell and Geico are pioneers for today’s education benefits. These organizations include attractive loan reimbursement programs for staff....

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Active Shooter Preparedness

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The recent shooting in Vegas is a grim reminder: active shooter scenarios occur all too often. According to the Department of Homeland security, over 1500 workplace shootings happen in the past year. Many of these shooters are on destructive paths, bent on hurting as many people as possible. The National Safety Council recommends active shooter preparedness become part of workplace safety plans. These strategies can help workers survive an active shooter: 1. Run Run as quickly as possible. Take the opportunity and encourage others to as well....

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Get Extra Help For Prescription Drug Costs

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For people taking prescription medications costs are a priority. Those facing increased costs may turn to methods such as taking half-doses or skipping altogether to get more from prescriptions. Health is important. There are ways to save on prescription medication while taking the doctor recommended dose. Ask a Doctor Ask a medical professional whether generic or more-affordable options are available. In many cases there may be less-expensive alternatives. Switching from a name-brand prescription medication to a generic can save up to...

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