Claims Assistance

If you have a new claim to report and your policy is with:

Ohio Casualty, West American or
American Fire Casualty…
call 1-866-255-5530
Encompass … call 1-800-588-7400
Harleysville Flood… call 1-800-759-8656
Penn National… call 1-800-766-2245
Progressive… call 1-800-274-4499
Any Other Company…(us!) call 570-523-3295

If you have an emergency and need to speak with someone from our office after hours, you may call:

Ted Meixell 570-524-2546
Marc Thayer 570-286-4659

Claims Philosophy

Meixell-Diehl Insurance considers claims handling our number one priority and we are all at your service.  Please let us know if you experience difficulty with any of our claims representatives or if we can assist you or help expedite the settlement of your claim.

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